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Welcome to Harbor Products Silicone Tape

Harbor Products, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of self-fusing silicone tape for all-purpose and emergency repairs, high-voltage insulation & wire harnessing. Sold worldwide under the Silicone Rescue Tape retail brand, our high-performance silicone tape significantly outperforms standard self-amalgamating or self-bonding rubber or silicone tapes.  Rescue Tape was recently tested at more than 950PSI tensile strength, making Rescue Tape the strongest, and also the fastest-fusing silicone tape on the market today.

Our custom milled silicone tape is processed from the raw ingredients, giving Harbor Products total control over the manufacturing process. Manufactured to a quality level that significantly exceeds MIL specifications, our product is the strongest, most durable and fastest-fusing silicone tape on the market.  In addition to our standard Rescue Tape product line, we also make customer specific widths, lengths and colors of self-fusing silicone tape for commercial and industrial clients.

For more information about Rescue Tape, visit or call 702-953-0968 or 877-847-2628 for a quote today.


Mission Statement

We are the world leader in bringing the highest quality silicone tape to market through quality manufacturing, marketing, and vision. We build strong relationships with our clients, customers, and suppliers. 

Silicone Rescue Tape
For retailers and retail purchases of our Rescue Tape brand of Silicone Tape, please visit or call 702-953-0968, or click here to email us now